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When choosing a jurisdiction for a business in Europe, you should understand that the European Union (EU) is not the same as Europe. There are some countries and exclusive jurisdictions that are geographically within Europe but are not part or all of the EU, for example Norway, Switzerland, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein. Some of these areas offer a low tax regime that can be useful for tax planning purposes. The governments of these European countries are very serious about attracting foreign investment and will continue to invest in this area and work to increase the amount of assets invested within their borders. Aside from their fast-growing financial services and entrepreneurship industries, some of these countries are perfect destinations to spend some free time during a vacation.

Our professional lawyers and accountants will provide you with detailed advice on each of these jurisdictions, their tax regimes and their company formation procedures. We can create a unique solution just for you to help you develop a long-term tax planning program and business structure that will help you achieve your personal goals.

Understand European companies
These jurisdictions are not part of the European Union (some are partial members) so there are some regulatory differences in requirements and standards. Most of these areas have complex legal systems; However, there are plenty of business support services available as they are very popular among investors and entrepreneurs aiming for a low tax regime. All of this contributes to a friendly and pleasant environment in which to do business.

However, do keep in mind that some of these jurisdictions are not fully entitled members of the EU, so if you are looking for easy access to the common internal European market, you would be advised to consult with our team first. Usually, companies are incorporated in these jurisdictions for the following purposes:

To establish business and act as a trading company
To achieve a particular corporate structure and serve as a holding company
To hold property or other assets
To own or operate ships
To act as an investment company
Benefits of establishing a European company
Depending on the jurisdiction, establishing and operating a European company may provide some of the following benefits:

Business-friendly tax authorities
Understandable, predictable and transparent taxation system
Opportunity to incorporate and maintain your business remotely
Low-tax regime
Perfect environment for operating a holding company
Countless tax and corporate planning solutions

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